Domino Theatre presents THE WOMEN IN BLACK | Kingston Grand Theatre

Domino Theatre presents THE WOMEN IN BLACK

Who is the woman in black? The mere mention of the woman terrifies the locals, for she is the spectre who haunts the neighbourhood. Anyone who sees her dies. This thriller has all the right elements to keep your attention; thick fog, an isolated old house that can be cut off from the mainland when the water rises, ghostly echoes of an old horse and cart that are not present - into this situation, to stay for a few days, comes the executor to settle the estate. Can he survive? Can you?

by Stephen Mallatratt - directed by Ken Weston

Tickets are $18.00 per person

Performance Information

Domino Theatre, 52 Church Street (old Harold Harvey Arena)
May 10, 2012
Last Show: 
May 26, 2012

Show Dates & Times

May 108:00 PM
May 118:00 PM
May 128:00 PM
May 178:00 PM
May 188:00 PM
May 198:00 PM
May 248:00 PM
May 258:00 PM
May 268:00 PM