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Island Getaway

Domino Theatre presents
Island Getaway
John Corrigan
For the quaint residents in the sleepy hamlet of Moseyville on Getaway Island, the day begins like any other ... until someone reports finding a body! Add in a handful of strangers with stolen money who have arrived on the scene after taking the ferry to the island, and who are extremely anxious to leave via a bridge on the other side. The only problem is, the bridge shown on the map never actually got built ... and the next ferry doesn't leave until 2:00 the next afternoon! It all adds up to a day the local police force of two won't soon forget!
Performing at the Domino Theatre, 52 Church St
Admit one - $20.00 plus handling fee

Performance Information

Domino Theatre, 52 Church St
January 14, 2016
Last Show: 
January 30, 2016

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January 148:00 PM
January 158:00 PM
January 168:00 PM
January 218:00 PM
January 228:00 PM
January 238:00 PM
January 288:00 PM
January 298:00 PM
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