Whitehorse | Kingston Grand Theatre


With opening act Joe Nolan.
The classic tale of musical romance continues for Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland, the husband-and-wife duo behind Whitehorse. Whitehorse's live show is built on mesmerizing guitar work and smoldering vocal chemistry, but also brings much more to the stage with complex layers of percussion, keyboard and telephone receiver amplification, tangled like an embrace with the help of looping pedals. Their sold-out Winter Garden Theatre show in February 2012 signaled their unquestionable arrival as a band.
Individually, Luke and Melissa have been recognized with awards and nominations from the Juno Awards, the Canadian Folk Music Awards, the Hamilton Music Awards and The Polaris Prize.

Part of the Homestead Songwriter Series.

Tickets: $29/$35 + taxes and fees.
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Performance Information

Presented By: 
Grand Theatre, Regina Rosen
February 08, 2014
Last Show: 
February 08, 2014

Show Dates & Times

February 87:30 PM