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Are you under 30 years old? Do you want up to half priced tickets to select shows?

The Grand Theatre is proud to announce a discount program for youth pricing called IMPACT. You don't have to be a student - you just have to be under 30 years old.

Here’s how it works:  

  1. Register FREE online here
  2. Activate your membership at the box office with photo ID.
  3. Enjoy savings up to half priced performances to select shows!

IMPACT members will also receive:
• Pre-sale announcements
• The Grand Theatre Insider Email Newsletter
• Exclusive event invites
• IMPACT Contests
• Volunteer Opportunities

Please Note:

IMPACT is for youth who are not a high school student and between 13 and 29 years old. If you’re a high school student, check out your discount program eyeGo to the Arts. If you're 12 or under, ask about youth pricing.

IMPACT members may only purchase a ticket for their seat. If you're attending the show with a friend under 30 years old, invite them to register online to purchase their own discounted ticket.

Your membership does not become active until you bring photo ID to the Grand Theatre box office and receive your personalized activation code- valid for one season only.