Performances | Kingston Grand Theatre


September 03, 2015 - September 19, 2015

Letters in Wartime

Domino Theatre presents Letters in WartimeSteven Scriver and Kenneth Brown   During World War II, Allan, a young RCAF pilot, and Moira, an auxiliary worker at Bletchford Field in Edmonton,try desperately to maintain their long-distance relationship. But is the printed word enough to keep love alive...
September 09, 2015 - September 19, 2015


Kinsmen Club of Kingstonpresents in association withKings Town PlayersCalendar Girls by Tim Firth "After the death of her best friend's husband from cancer, spirited housewife Chris Harper hatches a scheme to raise money for a memorial to him. Utilizing a tradition from the Hidebound Women's...
September 19, 2015


Bottle Tree Productions acting classes teach beginning to advanced theatre arts while promoting teamwork and cooperation. Every actor is allowed to develop at their personal pace in a supportive and encouraging environment. The final class is an informal performance at The Baby Grand Theatre, with...
September 23, 2015

1. Kingston Dinner Club

Solo Presentation Food Event Jamie Kennedy Join Jamie Kennedy, one of Canada's most celebrated chefs, as he reveals his food and his story. A quietly radical, deeply committed activist Jamie has been at the forefront of Canadas farm-to-table, slow food, and local food movements, supporting local...
September 23, 2015

2. Writing Playful Playscripts

Writers Studio Drew Hayden Taylor Award-winning author and playwright Drew Hayden Taylor believes that native theatre can be a source of inspiration for playwrights, providing a template to help them work out of their own culture and history to create something fresh, original, playful, and...
September 23, 2015

3. When We Die: A Journalist Investigates

Solo Presentation Patricia Pearson Award-winning journalist and author Patricia Pearson addresses the universal curiosity about what happens after death and the question of whether there is another kind of life after we cease to breathe. And if there is, can it be proven? Following the remarkable...
September 24, 2015

4. Punch Like a Girl - Festival Field Trip

Solo Presentation Karen Krossing Karen Krossing's Punch Like a Girl explores the real issues around teenage sexual assault: responsibility, fragility, and how to find strength to speak your truth, plus the challenges of navigating the teenage social environment. Like Melinda in Laurie Halse...
September 24, 2015

5. After Life - Festival Field Trip

Reading and Conversation Sylvia McNicollNeil SmithModerated by Shelley TanakaA quirky coming-of-age story, Neil Smith's Boo features nerdy, bullied Oliver Dalrymple, who figures out his place in life only after his death. In a strange sort of heaven, pale-faced, staticky-haired Boo comes to grips...
September 24, 2015

6. Finding Facts for Non-fiction

Teenswrite! Elizabeth MacLeod Elizabeth MacLeod is the author of more than fifty books, including biographies and histories such as Bones Never Lie; Royal Murder and Galloping Through History. She shares amazing and valuable research tips on how to source the best information for your subject and...
September 24, 2015

7. An Explorer's Life - Festival Field Trip

Solo presentation Adam Shoalts Professional explorer Adam Shoalts, sometimes called Canada's Indiana Jones, presents Alone Against the North, about his adventures solo paddling rivers so remote they have no names, and in some cases are even unmapped. Adam ventures into the last unexplored places...